Dr. Iryna Ivanova, Psychologist

Dr. Iryna Ivanova

As a Clinical Psychologist, it is my privilege to help others to better understand themselves in order to lead mindful and meaningful lives. My doctoral degree in Counselling & Clinical  Psychology (University of Toronto) and a post-doctoral fellowship training (Eating Disorders Program, The Ottawa Hospital) have allowed me to delve into the creative facets of clinical psychology as well as the scientific aspect. In addition to providing assessment and psychotherapy, I provide clinical supervision to graduate trainees in clinical psychology in my private practice.

Some of my passions include working with individuals who experienced various forms of Trauma: early childhood physical, sexual, emotional abuse and/or neglect, war-related trauma, and occupational trauma. I also enjoy working with individuals who are challenged by various forms of Anxiety: generalized, social, health, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, phobias.

I completed 8 years of specialized training in the treatment and research of Eating Disorders and disordered eating. In my practice, I continue to help individuals understand their emotions, improve relationship to their body and themselves,  normalize relationship to food, and improve relationships with loved ones.

I received extensive clinical training in Emotion-Focused as well as Psychodynamic-Interpersonal psychotherapies through graduate and postdoctoral training and supervision. This, coupled with a personal interest and practice in yoga and mindfulness provide a comprehensive and compassionate framework from which to understand your individual concerns. Depending on the presenting concern, I also utilize Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Brainspotting Therapy, and Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy.

I am able to provide services in Russian.

Dr. Andreea Tamaian

Dr. Andreea Tamaian

Andreea Tamaian, PH.D.

Putting clients at ease through a warm and empathic approach is my priority. When needed, I help individuals clarify their presenting problem through a comprehensive assessment. I work collaboratively with clients to develop most effective interventions to address these problems. While completing my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Regina, I have found it rewarding to help individuals overcome depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and interpersonal struggles. I also enjoy working with special populations, such as first responders and military personnel.

I have extensive training in the provision of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and I integrate approaches that further enhance my clients’ growth, including Emotion-Focused Therapy, interpersonal interventions, and mindfulness-based interventions.  I am committed to professional development and stay up to date on current research on psychological treatments and take part in workshops/seminars. 

I am able to provide services in Romanian and have command of conversational Spanish.